"COVID 19 VIRUS and DRUG AWARENESS PROGRAM" By, Stephen Moore, PER Kentucky State Drug Awareness

Updated: Aug 23

These times are challenging and will be for several months. It affects all parts of our life and requires I approach our Drug Awareness Program differently than this years plan I was ready to release.

While some feel this a short-term issue, I feel that I need to view it as a longer-term setback and plan accordingly. Therefore, I will be issuing a program to cover the period from April 1 till October 1. This will focus on activities that are home based. After the restrictions and threat has passed, we can re-group and move back to our regular programs. Here is the 2-stage program.


This will allow all to get up to speed on our programs and resources. It will be web based and available for download at ky-elks.org. There will also be a limited availability of Flash Drives if a Lodge wants to copy and hand out to their members. View this Power Point as a GUIDE to our programs, I am putting this together on the fly and will try to have as complete as possible.


These are the programs that may be possible to carry out under current limitations or that you can plan during this shutdown.

I hope to have this information posted on ky-elks.org and Flash Drives available by April 17th. If you have any questions email me at kydap@yahoo.com

Stephen Moore, PER

State DAP Chairman

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